Well the story this week for Denver is snow! It started Tuesday night and didn't stop until today. Now it seems to be melting. That's how the weather is in Colorado. It will blizzard one week and be t-shirt weather the next week. We moved sparring to today because the roads were bad yesterday morning. We will spar again in the morning.


I just finished wrestling practice up at UNC. Cub Swanson, Leonard Garcia, Clay Guida, and Aaron Riley joined us from New Mexico. Also, this morning's practice was great as we had Coach Jackson, Coach Wittman, and Coach Easton there. Now Tess and I are headed to have dinner with Coach Liester and his wife.

New Matts

Trevor put the team through a workout this morning. He spent the weekend putting in the new matts. It looks great and is much better having the walls matted also. I'm going to eat with my mom and Tess now.

Korean BBQ

Today was very relaxing. We went to church and then went to lunch afterwards. Aurora has some of the best restaraunts. I was introduced to Korean BBQ in Japan where they call it "yakiniku." One of my friends owned a few restaraunts and we frequented them together. Today I ate so much I had to nap for two hours. I awoke when my delivery came. Now we are going to watch a movie and then it's bedtime.

I'm Huge!!

Man, I've never been this big before, not that I know of. This is a picture in LA next to the Staples Center. It's two hundred feet tall! Anyway, training went great this morning. We did just 3 rounds Boxing and 3 Kickboxing. Looking forward to watching the fights tonight.

Inside MMA Tonight

I'll be on HD Net on Inside MMA tonight at 7 MST. This morning I hit mitts with T and tonight I'll do a Chaimberg workout. We just left Emmalie's school where we volunteered.

Comedians are Tough

Here I am with @BryanCallen and @DovDavidoff. I met Bryan this year working on the set of "Warrior" and he's one of the funniest, if not the funniest guy I've ever met! I just met Dov today and he was cracking us up just as much. Now we are headed to Denver so I can train.

Inside MMA

We just finished the show with Roger Huerta and Josh Thompson. Now we are headed to Venice Beach to have lunch with Bryan and Amanda Callen.

Training and Traveling

Here's a picture from this morning's training. @BrendanSchaub, @Justinthevikingwren, and Damico. Tomorrow I leave for two days to go to LA to do the Inside MMA show on HD Net. Also I will be doing a photo shoot for the movie I filmed last spring called "Warrior." I'd love to stay for the UFC but two days off sparring is enough for me

Free Supplements/ T-Shirts

I just finished signing a bunch of t-shirts and supplements for a promotion with Six Star. I will keep my site updated to let everyone know how to get them.

Training and Watching Movie

This morning I worked with T and then I had lunch with Emmalie and Tessa. Afterwards we went to the movies and watched "Where the Wild Things Are." Personally I thought the movie was bad but still entertaining. Here's a picture from Wednesday up at Ft. Carson. This is the Abrams.

The Baddest Thing on the Ground

Today went to Ft. Carson's PX and to the unit that works with wounded warriors. Then we were lucky enough to visit the motor pool where they keep and service all the trucks and tanks. I got a personal tour of the tanks inside and out. It was awesome! This is the Bradley Personnel Carrier. The Abrams is 72 tons!! Thank you so much to all the men and women in our military who are the real fighters!!

Dinner After Practice/ Colorado Springs Tomorrow

@brendanschaub and Cody Donovan in this picture.  We just finished wrestling up at UNC in a very tough practice and this morning went nearly four hours!  Now we are eating dinner.  Tomorrow I have 3 appearances in Colorado Springs.  Here's the schedule...

10:30am – 1:00pm:  Ft Carson
1:30 – 2:30pm:        Wounded Warriors (Ft Carson)
6:00 – 8:00pm:        Champs Sports

Fan Mail

Sorry to everyone that sent mail to me that I have not responded yet. I tend to procrastinate. Anyway, I will get through it all, I promise. If you sent me a SASE to send an autograph, I will send it to you. I did notice some that asked for autographs and had no return envelope. Sorry, but I don't have the time to get envelopes, write the address, put the photo in the envelope, or go to the post office to stamp it for them all. Resend it to me and make sure to send the 8x10 SASE with your mail, and I'll get it to you (eventually). If anyone does not receive theirs back soon it is because it never made it to me.


Thanks to all who came to the signing yesterday and today! Now I'm excited to watch the fights tonight.

Today's Autograph Signing

Today we'll be at Black Fly at Ingram Plaza from 1-3pm. Then we will head to watch the WEC show to watch Cowboy, Damacio, Yves and Ox. First I'll head to the gym to get a quick workout.

Hanging with Tapout Crew

Here's a picture of Skrape and me playing with hermit crabs at a store in the mall.  We are just waiting to go to the weigh-ins now.  

Just Arrived in San Antonio, TX

I will be at Image Trendwear at the Rolling Oaks Mall from 1-3pm. Then we will go to the weigh-ins at 4pm.

Ready to Travel

This morning we had Kickboxing and MMA sparring and in an hour is Wrestling up at UNC.  Here's a picture from earlier at Emmalie's school.  You can see where she gets her good looks from!  LOL!  Also tomorrow I leave for San Antonio at 6am.  Wish me luck for waking up on time.

New Tapout Shirt

My new shirt is now available with two different backs. The signature shirt has "Marquardt" across the back and the Black Label is as shown with only "Tapout" across the back. Click on the links to the left or on this picture to see them on the Tapout site.

Wrestling and MMA

I just finished wrestling up at UNC and am eating at a local restaraunt.  It's amazing how tired one can get in a short time when wrestling.  This morning I sparred with the guys and trained MMA along with some BJJ with Coach Easton.  Now I'm ready for bed but have to drive for an hour to get home.  At least I have Pandora Radio to keep me company!  I'm also excited for tomorrow.  After training we'll have lunch with Emmalie at school.  Then I'll be looking at another '70 Chevelle SS (the last one was beautiful but had too many problems). 

Training/ San Antonio Appearances

Here is a pictire from this morning.  I hit mitts with the "Master."  tonight I will be doing strength and conditioning with Jon Chaimberg.   Also, I have two appearances scheduled for San Antonio.  The events that we currently have scheduled for 10/9 and 10/10 are as follows: Friday 10/9: 1 – 3pm appearance/signing at Image Trendwear (Rolling Oaks Mall) Saturday 10/10: 1 – 3pm appearance/signing at Blackfly (Ingram Plaza shopping center)

Lunch with the Family

This morning we went to church, then went to lunch. Here a picture of little Emmalie eating pho. We went to a place in South Denver. I love "family day!"

Busy Day

Hey all. I've had a very busy day today. First, I trained this morning at 10. We sparred about 8 rounds. I only did Boxing since my knee is a little banged up. Then I went home to my beautiful daughter and wife. It was Emmalie's birthday party today. She's turning 10. We had a dozen kids over and played games all day. It was a blast, but exhausting. We cleaned up when everyone left and now we are tyring to unwind a little. I need to call a guy about a car I might buy. It's a '70 Chevelle with a 454. That's all for now.


Today we had more Kickboxing and MMA sparring. Everybody seems a little worn out and beat up and a few guys were sick. We were lucky enough to have Coach Amal Easton there evaluating our escapes and working on a sweet back escape. I pick up my daughter from school today and will take the night off. Sorry there's no picture today.