Dodge Charger

This morning I worked with Trevor. We talked about Rashad's fight and then hit mitts for about 45 minutes. Then I drove home and saw this car on the way. Can anyone tell me what year it is? I believe it's a Charger. Maybe a 68 or 69?


Congrats @SugaRashadEvans!! That was a great fight. @rampage4Real is tough. Rashad definately had the speed and cardio advantage as well as technique but Quinton's really scrappy. I thought Brills got robbed too.

Holly "Hottie" Holm

She is one of, if not the best female boxer in the world. Here she is holding Macaiah.

Headed to the BBQ

@McSweeneyMMA came by to visit the baby. Now we are getting ready to go to Coach Trevor's house for a good luck BBQ for Rashad (though he doesn't need any luck)!

Dude, this is crazy

Everytime Tessa gets up and leaves the baby on the couch to get something, Cola gets up and jumps up on the couch. She sniffs the Macaiah's feet and then stays there until Tess comes back!

Relaxing at home

I'm just enjoying my time off with Macaiah, Tess and Emmalie. Today we stopped by Emmalie's school so she could see her sister. She was having "field day."

Got to train today

This morning, I left the hospital for a couple hours to spar and help out the guys that have fights. It was a great day and everybody was happy for me and Tess.

Rashad, me, Coach Phil Nurse, Mo Lawal

Willie Parks, Rashad, Shane, Coach Jon Chaimberg


Macaiah Ann Marquardt- It means "Who is like God?" It is pronounced "mah-KAI-yah." "Macaiah" is derived from "Micah" and can be spelled several ways including "Michaiah." We thought the "ac" looked more femenine. "Ann" is short for "Hanna" and means "Grace." Also, Tessa's middle name is "Ann" and also Emmalie's middle name is "Grace!" So, we thought it was very fitting since no one is perfect like God and we all need grace. And it's a beautiful name! Macaiah and Emmalie also have several aunts that have or had the middle name "Ann."

Look what Emmy got from the baby!


We are headed to church now. Afterward, we will take Emmalie somewhere special before the baby comes. Tess is due in less than two weeks! Here is a picture of the coasters I painted for Tess for Mother's Day.
Everyone's artwork.


My teammate and brother, Joey VillaseƱor, is fighting "Jacare" tonight. Wish him luck. We are headed over to coach Leister's house to have dinner and watch the fights. Shane and Lani Carwin will meet us over there too. This picture is from last night. Emmy had a sleep over with her neighborhood friends. Crazy kids!

Striking combos and techniques

Check out the videos that Six Star just put on their site. Just click on the picture below or type in the link.

After training

Me, Mo Lawal, Brendan Schaub, Cody Donovan, and Willie Parks. Great sparring today!

1971 Plymouth Roadrunner

This car is sweet! I saw it after mitts this morning. I pulled up and asked the guy what size the rims were and he looked at me and said, "Nate Marquardt!" It was a total resto-mod with 18" rims. Beautiful car!

Resting with my "B"


Student Drivers

I love agressively honking at them as I speed past! Hahaha!


Look at my appetizers on the little plate on the right. That's what I need after a good sparring day, sometimes two more servings!

Coming off the frame

Oh yeah! The work officially started on my Chevelle. Here it is being taken apart. Man I can't wait!!

Check out my artwork

Today we celebrated Mother's Day with Tess, Emmalie, Kyle and Alexandra. We went to a place where you pick out pottery and paint it. Then they fire it in a kiln. I did a coaster set. The piggy bank is Tessa's and the elephant is Emmalie's.