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Cool article about my surgery just before I started training for the fight this Saturday

Coming off a win over Tamdan McCrory on Oct. 1, Nate Marquardt had some pain in his ankle.

He ignored it and went back to training. Then one day, just walking around, excruciating pain shot through Marquardt's foot. He couldn't put any pressure on it. It took about five minutes before the pain subsided.

Having already undergone "a bad surgery" on the ankle in 2013, Marquardt found another doctor.

This one offered a different option: cleaning out some bone spurs and a subchondroplasty procedure.

Marquardt, the UFC middleweight from Arvada who will fight Sam Alvey on Saturday at Pepsi Center at UFC on Fox, had never heard of that procedure. Not many people outside the medical field have, especially when it comes to ankle surgeries.

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