Tomorrow I'll be on The MMA Hour, live at 1 pm ET on discussing my medicals.

Memorable Marquardt Moments

Longtime contender Nate Marquardt had been a fixture in the UFC middleweight division since his debut in the organization in 2005, but on June 26th in Pittsburgh, he will begin a new chapter in his career in the welterweight class... Click here for full article on

Marquardt feeling at home at 170 pounds

The downward trend in UFC continues as recognizable mixed martial artists take their talents to lighter weight classes. Former WEC light heavyweight champion Brian Stann has found a home at middleweight, as has ex-lightweight contender Kenny Florian, who recently changed his address to 145.... For full article, click here.

1970 Chevelle

After having the rear end rebuilt and the first oil change, my beast is getting nearly double the gas mileage! And it's way faster!!!