Watching "How to Train Your Dragon"

Earlier today, I worked out with Loren. Now we are taking the kids to see the movie. This is Emmalie, Peyton and Mario. Apparently, Mario is "striking a pose!"

-Nate Marquardt

Shane/ 70 Chevelle

Today before sparring, @ShaneCarwin came in and everyone cheered! It was awesome and we are so proud of him! Then we had very tough sparring and I was shot afterwards. On the drive home, we saw a 70 Chevelle driving by, we turned around and caught it at the gas station. The guy lives in my neighborhood!

Heck yeah!!!!

@ShaneCarwin and @GeorgesStPierre win by dominating their opponents. Hardy surprised me by surviving all 5 rounds. Shane followed his gameplan perfectly and now everybody knows what I am talking about when I say he hits like a "Mack truck." We are all so proud of them both! Congrats guys!

Shane with coach Amal Easton

Friday training

Today, Trevor is at the weighin for @ShaneCarwin so I only worked with Loren. Here we are after a hard session of strength training. I can't wait for tomorrow's sparring and then watching our guys fight! Maybe tonight I'll go to a movie with the wife, McSweeney and Erica.

-Nate Marquardt

Finished My Six Star appearance

Afterward, I went to catch my flight only to learn it was cancelled. Now I'm at the hotel in Arlington. I'll be back in Denver by 730 in the morning hopefully.

-Nate Marquardt

Arrived in Dallas

Now I am headed to the event center located at 400 North Olive Street. The Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) managers will be attending this conference and I am here to represent Six Star Muscle supplements and to meet the managers of AAFES.

-Nate Marquardt

Headed to the AAFES in Dallas

I just made my flight with 3 minutes until takeoff!

Great sparring and wrestling

Today I sparred with Chaun Simms, Cody Donovan and Demico Rogers. Then later I wrestled with Chaun. When I left for practice, it was t-shirt weather. This is a picture from just after practice! Colorado weather can be crazy.

-Nate Marquardt

Finished training w/ Loren

We worked on the clean and jerk. Now I am headed to our birthing class. We take the "Bradley Method" classes. Tess is going to have a natural birth with no epidural or other drugs that can cause side effects. Our baby has two warriors for parents!

-Nate Marquardt

Weigh-ins and Q&A

Here's @BrendanSchaub on the scale. The Q&A went very well with Mike Goldberg and me. Thanks to all the fans that showed up! I can't wait for our guy's fights! Eliot, Duane, Brendan, Jon and Clay all look good and ready for their fights!

Meet me tomorrow in Broomfield

I'll be doing a question and answer at 2pm at the weigh-ins. Here are the details:

Attention anyone going to weigh-ins tomorrow

I will be doing the question & answer portion for the fans. I start at 2pm.

Strength & Conditioning

Today I trained with Loren Landow in the afternoon and with Trevor Wittman on the morning. Now I'm headed through the snow to get home to hang out with my wife and daughter.

This is a picture of Loren and me after my workout. Loren and Jon Chaimberg run my strength program. They are the best!!

Sparring for Shane Carwin's fight

Here I am with James McSweeney and Jeremiah Constant after sparring today. Big Shane looks great and ready to go! Now I'm headed home to eat. Also, Saturday I will be doing the question and answer event just before the weigh-ins.

Coach Amal Easton teaching technique from the guard with Chaun Simms. -Nate Marquardt

Beautiful day in Denver

Today I rolled at Easton's BJJ in Denver for the press day. Afterwards I ate sushi with Coach Amal, Brendan, Jeff Suskin, and Tess. Now I'm at home cleaning out my garage. I have the night off and I wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather. It's been 70 degrees today.

Wrestling Video

Here I am with Bryan Callen. He tried to convince me to take our shirts off but I told him it wasn't necessary!

Press day at High Altitude

Here we are at the dojo after the guys trained. I sat out and helped coach since I've trained for 8 days in a row with no days off. The guys that have fights on Sunday's UFC looked sharp.

My jaw hurts!

Tonight we watched Bryan Callen perform stand-up. I laughed so much that I was actually in pain. His visual antics were so precise that I forgot it was my friend on stage. I actually saw "Fabio" galloping on a steed to save a group of stranded women from a pack of hungry wolves!

-Nate Marquardt

Headed to The Improv to watch Bryan Callen

We just finished sparring and now we are headed to watch Bryan. Tess said the show on Friday was awesome! I just hope I'm not sleepy. I woke up at 7am EST and flew to Denver, drove straight to the gym, now I'm eating in the car on the way to the show and afterward we will have dinner with Bryan. Man it's turned out to be a busy long day!

-Nate Marquardt

Big day of sparring

Today I sparred with Georges St-Pierre, Partick Cote, Sean Pierson, Mike Ricci, and Alex Garcia. I had a lot of fun since I was able to play and try new things because I don't have a fight scheduled. GSP did very well today and looks sharp for his fight with Hardy. Now we are about to eat and hopefully tonight we will get a game of poker going with the guys.

-Nate Marquardt


@GeorgesStPierre, @Kenny_Florian, @SeanPierson, Firas Zahabi, @keithflorian and me after rolling this morning. Then we ate and went to do yoga in a sauna. That's not my style but GSP likes it. Then we ate again and I went to hit mitts with Firas. Now I'm back at Jon's just resting waiting to see what's next.

He is hilarious!

My good friend, @BryanCallen will be performing at The Improv in Denver Thursday-Sunday this weekend. You gotta go see him!

'70 Chevelle

My suspension came in this week! Looks like we will be starting soon on the restoration. I'm off to Tristar now.

-Nate Marquardt


Here's Paul Buentello getting his hands wrapped, @BrendanSchaub & @ShaneCarwin warming up before practice today. After sparring I had to go to court to defend myself against allegations that I violated a court order by attempting to have lunch at school with my daughter. Crazy, I know! The trial didn't finish and was continued. What a horrible world it would be if all fathers did this sort of thing!

-Nate Marquardt


I hit mitts and then did a strength workout. Tomorrow I'll be helping the guys get ready for their fights. Shane Carwin, Brendan Schaub and Eliot Marshall all fight in the next few weeks and McSweeney is here training too. -Nate Marquardt

Kyle & Alexandra's wedding

Here's Kyle holding my little Emmalie just before the wedding. We had a blast at the reception. Now we are getting ready to drive back to Denver.

-Nate Marquardt

Rehearsal dinner

My buddy, Kyle, is getting married tomorrow in Santa Fe, NM. I just got back to my hotel and am watching some "Man vs Food" show.

-Nate Marquardt

After morning training pic

Today we sparred with big and little gloves.  Now I'm picking up my daughter from school.  Later, we will be wrestling at Grudge and then homework with Emmalie. 

Relaxing at home

Today I hit mitts with T and worked my clean and jerks with Loren Landow. I had several other meetings and errands to run today and now I'm back at home. We are about to play LBP online with my niece and nephew!

Big day

Man, I was busy today. Today we sparred with big gloves, with little gloves and on the ground. We drilled technique afterward and that was just the morning practice. Here we are after Wrestling practice at UNC. Then We drove to Denver and I had dinner with Brendan Schaub, James McSweeney and our ladies. Now I'm going to bed to hopefully recover for tomorrow. Good night!

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Workout with Loren

Here's @JoeKlop, @BrendanSchaub, @FireMarshallUFC, Loren and me after
a power workout. I hit mitts with T earlier and now I'm ready to fall