Look at my wife's BELLY!

Hahaha! She's trying on maternity clothes. It's not really her tummy, it's a pillow for her to see how the clothes will look in 4 months. Today I hit mitts with T and then did strength training with Loren Landow. Loren is awesome. I've been doing physical therapy with him and now he's gonna work with Jon Chaimberg to put together a strength program for me. Tomorrow I leave for Montreal and will train with Jon and George and all the guys there.

Casa Bonita

I just took Tess, Emmy, her friend and her cousins to Casa Bonita! The Denverites know what I'm talking about (Oh, and anyone who saw the South Park episode). Kids are the best!!

Look at This Turkey

I just ate another Thanksgiving dinner with Tessa's family and our friends, Bryan and Amanda Callen. It was smoked turkey and was awesome! I'm still training through the holidays, but it has been a relaxing two days. Tomorrow I will spar kickboxing and then rest for the remainder of the weekend. Next week I will travel to Montreal to train with GSP and Chaimberg.

Happy Thanksgiving to All My Friends & Fans!

We trained this morning at Grudge T.C. and then I came home and took a nap. I was really tired from hanging out with Bryan and Amanda Callen last night. We will head to my Mom's house in a bit to have dinner and tomorrow we celebrate at Tessa's parent's home.

Check out the UFC Magazine

I'm in the December/January issue of the UFC magazine with Brock Lesnar on the cover. It covers some of the pre-fight preparations and locker room game planning of the fight with Maia.

Training Today

Here's @brendanSchaub, @donnybrookCody, @firemarshallufc, @rollesGracie, @sugarashadEvans, Justin Wren, Kevin Burns, Alvin Robinson, Christian Allen, VanArsdale, Coache Wittman, Coach, Easton, Coach Jackson, Chad Klingensmith, And Josh. Wrestling is tonight. Now it's nap time!!

Do you like MUSCLE CARS?

Answer this question and I may get a motor sponsored for my Chevelle!! Just select "yes" or "no" on the poll question on the right side of my site and then click "vote." Thank you guys! I had a great workout with Trevor Wittman this morning and Greg Jackson came into town this morning too. We went up to work with Loren Landow afterwards for some MAT and stabilization training. Then its strength training tonight.

72 Chevelle SS!!

AWWW YEAH!!! Here's my car. It's a 72 SS. I'm going to do a resto-mod style rebuild of this car. We are actually going to convert the front end to look like a 70 Chevelle SS (new head lights, fenders and grill). The car is going to have many modifications including all 4 disc brakes, custom suspension, and a beast of a motor. I'll cover the restoration on my blog as much as possible.

High Altitude Seminar

The seminar at High Altitude went great. We covered a takedown series and a ground and pound series. Rashad, Brendan, Cody and VanArsdale all showed up too. We had sparred earlier today so wasn't sure if they'd have the energy. Now we are headed to watch the fights. Let me know your picks!


Training went well today. I worked with T and Loren Landow and then got a massage. When we got home, I talked to my brother, sister in law, and nephew on Skype. It was the first time using it and it was very cool! They are in Japan and I can't believe it's free! My nephew said he "wrestles like Uncle Nate!" How cool is that?!?!


Practice with @BrendanSchaub @ShaneCarwin, Cody, Coach Leister, and Jeremiah Constant was great!

MMA and Wrestling

We are headed up to UNC now to wrestle. This morning we sparred Kickboxing and MMA and Eliot worked on some leglock escapes. I am pretty tired for some reason, maybe since I was sick for a couple weeks. Either way, it's still a great day! I've been working with Loren Landow on ankle stability and he's an amazing trainer. Hopefully I get to work with him more. Also, if you are in Colorado, don't forget about my seminar on Saturday at High Altitude Martial Arts in Aurora at 12:30 p.m.

Marquardt on the Way!

Well, Tess is now three months pregnant! Here's a picture of her and Emmalie. We are all so excited! Emmalie is so interested in what is happening with the baby and so protective of Tess. It's so sweet. Anyway, she is due at the end of May. We won't know if it's a boy or girl until it's born. We love surprises! Thanks to God for this blessing!

MMA Seminar

I'll be teaching a Seminar this Saturday at High Altitude Martial Arts in Aurora, CO from 12:30-2pm. It will be for all levels of students, free for members and $50 for non-members. Bring your MMA gloves if you have them. See you then.

Good Week

I just finished practice this morning and I feel I am finally getting over my cold. Sparring was pretty good today. Now I am back home with my lovely wife and daughter who spent all morning cleaning the house. We are going to watch the fights tonight at Tessa's parents' house with Rashad and his family. I can't wait to get a fight scheduled. A lot of people have been asking me about a rumored fight. I would love to answer all those questions, but we are not allowed to talk about any upcoming fights unless the UFC announces it first. Sorry guys!

Headed to UNC

This is from this morning. Tom Murphy is in town along with Rashad and VanArsdale. Now I am picking up Emmalie and then heading up to Wrestling practice.

Headed up to Wrestling Practice

Here we are at lunch after practice. It's Rashad, Cody, VanArsdale, Latoya and the kids. Now we are driving up to Greeley to practice at UNC with Coach Leister.

My Cousin Vinnie

Last night we went to my aunt's house and had dinner and listened to My cousin play his guitar. He was amazing, totally b.a.! He's a good singer too. I wish I had my new phone so I could take a video and put it on YouTube. Today we are just relaxing after church. I'm still sick but should be able to train this week at every practice.

Training Day

Here's @firemarshallufc, @sugarashadevans, @brendanschaub, Cody Donovan, VanArsdale, and me resting after practice here in Denver.

One of the Funniest MMA Videos

This morning we practiced and did 4 rounds Kickboxing and several rounds MMA along with half guard technique from Coach Easton. Then I went to lunch with Tessa. I'm still sick so will probably sit out tonight since several of my teammates are as well. Here's a funny video from the Pride days. I love funny videos like this, so if you know of others, please post them for me.

Nate Marquardt Action Figure!

Wow this is crazy! I didn't know I had an action figure out. Click on this picture and it will direct you to where you can pre order my action figure. It is in the "Deluxe Series 2." It looks like it is $24.99 on this site. You can buy the whole set of 8 for $109.99. I gotta go buy some now!

Kickboxing and MMA

I sparred this morning in Kickboxing and MMA.  Coach Easton was going over solid basics in the MMA training.  He's a great coach!!   I'm still sick, so I have taken the night off.

Fighter's Summit

Here is a picture with Shogun, Vanderlei, BJ, Damacio, Leonard and other fighters. We are on a break at the summit.  We just heard a cool presentation on social networking. Now I am sitting next to BJ watching a video of GSP training to beat him up... Awkwarrrrrrrd!!!  


I'm headed to Las Vegas for the UFC Fighter's Summit. I'll be back in Denver late tomorrow night. This picture is from Tuesday Wrestling practice. It's Coach Leister and his boy.