Sparring with Jeff Spencer

He's getting ready for the Pan American Games. Good luck on your upcoming fights Jeff!

Mayor of Orangeville

Proclaims today "MMA Day!" here's pics from my seminar at Fitness Kickboxing Canada.

Great weekend in Toronto

@EventBanks_MMA & @bluedragonmt thank you guys.

At Blue Dragon Beaupits

At Blue Dragon Muay Thai

At The Fight Boutique

At Warrior Fight Store

Thanks to Crabby Joe's as well. Now I'm headed to Fitness Kickboxing Canada for my seminar with Vanderlei.


A type of nabemono (Japanese stew). From dinner last night with Coach Amal for his birthday. I ate this stuff everyday when I was staying in Japan. I gained 15 lbs the first 3 months I stayed there! Not the best for weight cutting.

Dinner with @FireMarshall205

Last night my wife and I went to dinner with Eliot Marshall and his wife. I love this place in Arvada called Bella Bistro! Crab bisque

Goat cheese fondue

Meat and cheese plate

I forgot to take a pic of my Sea bass, sorry.