Miso Kimchee Chanko Nabe

Yes! I finally get to make it. I used to eat chanko nabe everyday in Japan. It's the dish that Sumo wrestlers eat also. This one is my favorite flavor.

Watch this

Video clip of me talking about my next fight (UFN 22 Sept. 15-Austin,TX) on Inside MMA.

Thanks to @SugaRashadEvans and @ChaunSims

For great sparring today. I'm two weeks out from the fight. I can't wait!

My Sunday snack

Sunday stroll

Here's a '69 GTO we saw this afternoon. I've been thinking about colors and paint styles to do the Chevelle. I like the custom orange similar to lamborghini orange. I also like matte black. I like custom styles like modified yenko or pin stripes on the hood. Please tell me your thoughts.

Full on double rainbow!

Seriously this was what we saw after back to school night. It wasn't so intense though. Just slightly intense. But it seriously was starting to look like a triple.

Finished MMA sparring

With GSP, Eliot, Brendan, and Jeremiah.

Great training today

GSP is in town. We just got back from Rino Wrestling. Coaches Leister and Ryan ran it and McSweeney, Salas, Mamalas, GSP and I all learned a bunch. Now it's bed time.

Great sparring with

@McSweeneyMMA @GeorgesStPierre and @FireMarshallUFC. Now it's lunch time!


When u don't know the rules, it's sooo dumb!

Sushi and movie for date night last night

Oh yes! Poki-
Green mussels-
Ebi, unagi, to tamago- (not pictured) Then we watched "Dinner for Shmucks." It was dumb but funny.

Watched sparring today

There were some good rounds with the bigger guys and the lighter guys. I got to see Todd Duffee with Houston Alexander, McSweeney and Ian Berg, Eliot and Schaub, Joe Warren and Diego, Alvin Robinson and Diego, and more. I had to sit out since I dent get any sleep last night because of an allergy attack. Luckily it was on the weekend. I'll be ready to go when GSP comes in next week.

Just ran Red Rocks trail in Morrison

The view is beautiful!

Wait, I'm talking about what's BEHIND me:-)

Just finished practice with Coach Amal

Check out this trick my buddy's dog does. He just holds like that until he's told to stop. Silly huh?!

Win an autographed magazine

First person to tweet me what this is from and the name of the bald guy in the middle of the pic. This one may be a little harder. You need both names to win.

Win a signed 8x10!

First to tweet me the name of the people in this picture

Check out this dog!

He was at Dr Caldwell's chiropractic office. That's where I went after sparring today. Tonight I'm watchin' the fights with McSweeney.


Another mullet. When it rains it pours:-)

Look at the mullet on this guy!

Haha. Jeremiah Constant holding my baby Macaiah at lunch after practice. It was good training today and HDnet was there to film for a couple segments with Ron Kruck.


UFC MIDDLEWEIGHT SHOWDOWN IN THE LONE STAR STATE: Nate Marquardt vs Rousimar Palhares To Headline Spike TV’s “UFC Fight Night” Live From Austin, TX On Wednesday, September 15... Click below to read more...

My fight has changed!!

Click here to see where and when!! (click on the picture)