Training with Rashad

Pic courtesy of Ryan Loco. Now I'm headed to wrestling in Denver with Leister Bowling and the guys.

Awesome low cal dinner

Recipe from Cole @FuelTheFighter. Turkey chili & portabello mushroom bowl salad

Tried something new

Foie gras torchon- goose liver with pear

Flank steak

Chocolate souffle

Man, French food is so good!!

HDNet to broadcast BAMMA

The British Association of Mixed Martial Arts has found its way to U.S. television. Cable and satellite TV channel HDNet on Monday announced a multiyear deal with BAMMA's broadcast distributor, Content Television. The U.K. promotion will make its HDNet debut Dec. 10 with BAMMA 8 in Nottingham, England... Click here

Palette knife painting on canvas

I don't really like this one but it was my first time using a palette knife and it is an original. It's me on the set of "Warrior" at a photo shoot. The colors are off. That's why I don't like it.

Just had Dinner at Keith Jardine's house

He's a good cook! Baked chicken with paprika, cayenne and brown sugar rub, acorn squash baked with agave and cinnamon. Brown rice and broccoli.

My first canvas painting

Van Gogh's Café Terrace at Night. I used acrylic (not oil like the original).


French onion

Cinnamon shrimp wrap with mint yogurt and BBQ fruit.

This was my dinner

Amazing spicy chicken with veggies

For dessert we ordered coffee and my new favorite, a Portuguese dessert, natas. GSP always knows the best restaurants!

I'm thinking I might gain about 7 lbs. in the 10 days I'm here. Haha.

Painted my baby girl's new room

Here's the stencil i made. I used paper and cut with an exacto knife. Then I sprayed movable adhesive on the back of the shapes and then spray painted it. I did the flowers the same way.
For the tree, I made a pic on photoshop using images off the net. Then I had it printed on a clear sheet and used an overhead projector to trace it on the wall.

Sparring with Jeff Spencer

He's getting ready for the Pan American Games. Good luck on your upcoming fights Jeff!

Mayor of Orangeville

Proclaims today "MMA Day!" here's pics from my seminar at Fitness Kickboxing Canada.