Baseball punch

Aaron Cook and Todd Helton from the Colorado Rockies came to watch sparring today. It should do them well for any time they decide to charge the mound!

The UFC Undisputed 2010

playable demo for PSN and Xbox Live is now available! Visit the Undisputed Community for all the details on how you can be the first to receive a free code to download it! Or click on picture below:

Watching South Park

With Keith Jardine and Tessa. The episode about Tiger Woods is hilarious!


Today I had one of the best practices. Willie Parks, Keith Jardine, Coach Leister, Andy and I went about ten, three minute rounds. Here is a picture of Leister, Keith, me and Willie after practice at UNC. Now it's time to chow down.

Gorilla foot

Look at the color and size of toes compared to his other foot! These are Duane Ludwig's feet. His left toes are the same color as Rashad's!

The team after sparring

Jon Chaimberg, Rashad Evans, Keith Jardine, Shane Carwin, Amal Easton, Chaun Sims, James McSweeney, Cody Donovan, Brendan Shaub, Trevor Wittman, and me. It was a great day of sparring. Coach Amal ran us through some sweet guard passes too.

"Primetime" camera trick

Here is a punching bag with a hole cut out for a camera. Plexiglass covers the hole so you can punch it.

Check out this beast


Montrose seminar

We will be heading back to have dinner with Keith Jardine, McSweeney and their girlfriends. James just moved to Denver and Keith is getting ready for his fight. Here are some pics from yesterday.

Seminar tomorrow

I'll be teaching at Montrose County Fairgrounds. look at these pics from the drive up. Monarch Pass was a little scary.

No fun driving in this

This morning I hit mitts with T and then I headed home. Tonight after strength and conditioning, I'm headed to Montrose, CO for a seminar. It's about a 5 hour drive. I hope it clears up. It's pouring rain, sleet and snow all at the same time!

Just finished sparring

This is Brendan, me, Fareed, Trevor, and Rashad after sparring today. The "Primetime" show and Bud Light were here filming as well. Now Tess, Brendan, and I are headed to eat lunch.

Me out of shape

Hahaha! This was taken by Tom Bear a couple weeks ago. Don't worry, I'm in better shape now.

Laser tag & putt putt

Emmalie and Tess took me to play for my birthday. We had a blast!

Birthday Dinner

Cheating on my new diet!


Today was a fun sparring day with Shane Carwin, Rashad Evans, Brendan Schaub, Demico Rogers, Cody Donovan, and coaches Trevor Wittman, Greg Jackson and Mike VanArsdale. Now I'm resting waiting to leave for my strength workout. After that, I pick up Emmalie from school and we will have dinner and a movie or possibly bowling or something.

Fun weekend

Last night we watched the Strikeforce fights at Tessa's parent's house. Before that, I took Emmalie to her friends birthday party. Today, we went to my Mom's house and Emmalie played with her cousin. I try to spend a lot of quality time with the family when I'm not training because there are times when I can't (like when I am in Montreal or Albuquerque without Emmalie and Tessa).

My nephew the pilot

This is Lukas, my older brother's son. He is a pilot as you can see! It's so funny and cool how little guys want to be just like their dads. Little Rashad thinks he's fighting Quinton Jackson on May 29th! I got my money on Lil' Radhad.

Sparring Pic

@DemicoRogers, @SugaRashadEvans, @FireMarshallUFC, @BrendanSchaub and Cody Donovan warming up before practice. Now I'm headed to work with Loren. Hopefully I will have some news about my next fight soon! I've been talking with Joe Silva.

Picture with

@SugaRashadEvans, @FireMarshallUFC, Cody Donovan, Ian Berg, Coach VanArsdale, and me. We sparred five rounds MMA and now I'm eating lunch before my massage. Later, we are all going to Coach Leister's new house to watch the fights.

Above: Cody and Rashad, Below: Eliot and Rashad

Boxing & sprints

Here's a picture from earlier after I hit mitts with Fareed Samad ( @T2P_Boxing ) and Trevor. Afterward I had a short photo shoot with a guy (forgot his name) from Albuquerque. Later, I went and did a few interval sprints with Loren. Now it's relaxation time... We have sparring tomorrow.

Q&A video

Find out my thoughts on Demian Maia getting a title shot, my next opponent, and how to knock someone out. Click the picture below:


Tess, Brendan, Andrea and I ate at the Brazilian BBQ downtown last night. It was really nice; we stayed for about four hours!

Finished training

@BrendanSchaub, @FireMarshallUFC, Loren and me at Steadman Hawkins. Today Rashad was at sparring for the start of his camp here in Denver. He's looking good. Now I have to drive through rush hour traffic. It'll take over an hour for a 30 minute drive!

-Nate Marquardt

Sparring, rehab, and movies

This morning I sparred with @FireMarshallUFC, @BrendanSchaub, Chaun Simms, & Jeremiah Constant. Afterward, I was sitting and noticed I pulled a muscle around my upper lat near my shoulder. I went to train with Loren and he treated me with MAT and some topical anti-inflammatory meds. Then I did some footwork drills for about 20 min and headed straight to my dinner meeting. I met with a director who wants me as one of his lead rolls! He pretty much said he would schedule it around my fight schedule. How great is that? Anyway, I had a fun day! Sorry I keep forgetting to take pictures.


You know you're out of shape when after the workout your trainer asks you're ok 5 times! After strength we did a circuit on the treadmill that showed me I need to get back in shape. I haven't missed any sparring, but the intensity in my mitt and bag work hasn't been there. Hopefully I'll feel fresh for sparring tomorrow. -Nate Marquardt

Sparring on April Fools

Today we had tough sparring at GTC. Afterward, I had lunch with Brendan Schaub and then left to meet Tess and Emmalie at my sister's house. On the way, I picked up my other sister's dog to play an April Fools trick. Then we all took the dog to the groomer to give her a mohawk. My niece would only allow a "lion cut." When we picked her up, I was disappointed because she looked too cute for it to be a prank.

Kids at the zoo earlier -Nate Marquardt