Check out my new management!!

@MCHammer is now managing my MMA career along with the other guys at Alchemist. Click on the picture or go to to check it out.

Headed to Burque!

I'm flying out now with Tess and the baby. I'll be back in D town Saturday for the SAF charity event. I'm going to get some work with Coach Greg and my buddy Kyle on some leg attacks. This morning was a great practice with Coach Easton and the guys. Hopefully I can sleep on the plane bit not likely... I hate flying!!

Resting at home between practices

Check out my idea of relaxing! Today we had sparring practice. Later I have strength and conditioning with Loren Landow. I've been training really hard and my body is starting to feel it but I'm also starting to show signs of excellent conditioning. I can't wait to fight!

My fifth week out

This morning I hit mitts with Trevor. Now I'm resting up for wrestling practice later tonight. I have all my training planned out for my fight. Thursday, I will be heading out to Albuquerque to train. Then I come back Saturday for the SAF charity event. Here is the gear I just got in. My old stuff is worn out!

Check out the MMA expo in Denver

Today and tomorrow. Click here for details or go to

Only five weeks until my fight

In case you haven't heard, I'll be fighting on UFC 118 on August 28 in Boston against Rousimar Palhares. Today we just finished sparring and now I'm at home relaxing with the family. Tomorrow I'll be at the MMA expo from 11am-1pm. For details click on the picture or go to

Look what Tess made for dinner

Yummy! And very healthy. It's chicken, mango, pineapple and tangerine cooked in a crock pot served with brown rice.

Headed to wrestling practice

With Coach Leister and Willie Parks. This morning I hit mitts with Trevor. Week 7 has started. I believe Rashad Evans, Mo Lawal and Dean Lister are headed into town to train. This pic is one a fan sent me of his "Nate collection."

Look how much I ate for dinner!

Well, I guess Tessa had some too.

Great workouts today

With Loren Landow and Amal Easton. 8th week out almost done. I'm in great shape!!

Come meet me July 31

Hey everybody. I'm being given an award for my work with the Sharon Antcliff Foundation and I want you to be there! Go to this link, and enter the code "warrior" when you check out, and you'll get 20% off your tickets. Come on out and meet me, and let's have a great turn out. There are only 74 tickets left!

The WINNER of the autographed #UFC glove

Click here to see who won! The choice was tough as there were many very funny pictures. I had my wife, sister, and brother-in-law's help to choose the winner. So, congratulations to @FurBlaster on his great "Dumb and Dumber" poster recreation.

It came down to his, vicg27's "UFC & the City" creation, stuntmantravis's "pool monster" pic and Joey Shannon's "drinking downstream" pic.

Here are more funny pics that I considered

These are great pics guys! Thanks for sending them. Fell free to send an 8x11 SASE to the address at for me to send an 8x11 signed picture back. Address it to me. Varao2215 sent:

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Brooke_Alana sent:

Allpowersphysio sent:

Shayne_Elliot sent:

Click here to see the second place winners

Message me your address on Twitter and I'll send a prize. Thanks for sending so many funny pictures; it was a tough choice! vicg27 sent these 2:

StuntmanTravis sent 2:

B3Sports sent:

BlazeHartMMA sent:

Crown3d sent:

JonDenver sent:

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