When it works properly, I love it. When it doesn't, I love sledgehammers, hatchets and 3rd story windows. Just ask my old laptop! Haha!

Sushi Dinner

Tobiko, unagi, hamachi, sake, tako to ebi. Oishi deshita!

Group Picture

The seminar went great today.  We had about 40 students show up and there was a blue belt roll off afterward.  Two students received their blue belts and Luke made brown belt.  Tomorrow we will spar in the afternoon for the guys fighting on the UFC in Colorado.

Training Video

This is a video of me learning proper technique on a clean pull with Coach Loren Landow. It is from yesterday. Today, we trained MMA, BJJ, and Wrestling and I'm beat! Tomorrow, I'll work mitts with Trevor Wittman and then get a cortizone shot in my wrist (it's sprained).

It looks like I'm floating in this picture

My buddy in Albuquerque told me that I have a "Fat Head" for sale online.   I've never heard of this before and one of my tweeps sent me the link... Pretty cool.  Anyway, I worked on speed drills with T and clean pull technique with Loren today.  Tomorrow is MMA and Wrestling so I need to go to bed.

After Wrestling Practice

Today we had MMA practice in the morning with T and Amal and then tonight we wrestled at UNC with Leister.  Afterward, we all had dinner together.  From left to right: VanArsdale, Donovan, Schaub, me, Leister, Buentello

Dinner with my sister

This is my nephew.  I told him to smile!  Haha!  I trained with Loren today and am training with the team tomorrow.  I can't wait!

Mail/ Fights

I just opened about 30 envelopes from before my fight so if you've been expecting an autograph, you should receive it shortly.  Now Tess, Emmalie and I are headed to dinner with Cody Donovan for his birthday.  Then we will be watching the fights tonight at our house. 

Great day

Hit mitts with T, then strength with Loren. Now I'm watching "Meet the Robinsons" with Tess and Emmy. 

Ground training

Braulio Estima, Abu Dhabi Absolute and 88kg champion, trained with us today.  He has a fight in May and hopefully will do his camp here in Denver.

Back in the gym

Man, it felt good to go in the gym.  @BrendanSchaub, Paul Buentello, Eliot Marshall and Cody Donovan were sparring and looked great.  I can't wait to work out next week.    

Ahhh this sucks!

I'm so sorry guys.  I didn't fight smart.  I should have stopped the takedowns before going for the knock out.  I'll learn from this and continue to work hard.  Thank you all for your support. 

New Entrance Music

I talked with Dana White about changing it. Any suggestions?

Dana White & Joe Silva backstage

Backstage at weigh-ins

@RollesGracie, Matt Serra and others waiting for debrief from Dana.


Hey guys, my after party is going to be at Hawaiian Tropic Zone at Planet Hollywood. See you there!

Nate the Great iPhone App!!

Go to the App Store on your iPhone or iTouch and search "Nate Marquardt" or "NateTheGreat" and you will find my App! The App will be updated with videos and pictures. Let me know how you like it!

My first VIDEO upload

This is from The UFC 109 press conference earlier today. It is the opening statements from Chael and me. This is the first video I've ever uploaded to the internet myself. Please give me your comments so I can make it better next time. I apparently made the quality a little low, so I'll raise it a bit next time.


This is Chael and I at the press conference.  The funniest thing was talking to Coleman.  He told me to knock Chael out for him.  Apparently Chael called him a "bum" in an interview.  Then at the conference while sitting next to eachother, Chael said he was a fan of Coleman since 1992!

Tequila Cazadores Award

@BrianStann just received an award to benefit "Hire Heroes" which is a charity he runs to get jobs for veterans. 

Fighters Only Magazine

Check out the February issue. There are some nice photos by Eric Williams.

Please vote for my Muscle & Fitness cover

Media workout

I just finished with about 20 interviews after the workout.  This morning I did my video interview for Saturday.  Now I'm relaxing in the room.  


I'll be on 104.3 The Fan at 1:30. Also, here is the UFC article...
Click here

Playing Poker

We arrived and our rooms weren't ready so we decided to sit down at the hold 'em tables.  I had won a few good hands and then I got a monster full house.  I lured in a sucker and then he went all in.  I wondered why he would do such a thing but knew I had to call.  Well it turns out that he had four of a kind.  Dang it!

Last days for the supplement giveaway

In case you missed it, here it is again...
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Another interview


Watch Countdown to UFC 109 online

Preparing to Leave

Well, all the hard work is done now. I leave for Vegas tomorrow, so now I am packing and making plans for the week. This morning I hit mitts with Trevor and then I went to Steadman Hawkins and worked out with Loren. I feel very ready to go. I feel very confident, strong and focused. I can't wait to fight. I have had a great camp and am 100% healthy. I want to thank all my teammates and coaches. Also, I thank all of my sponsors, especially Six Star Muscle and Tapout. To all the fans that support me, Thank you so much!