Dinner at my favorite French restaurant

In Montreal- Salmon tartare
Fig carpaccio w/ goat cheese
Goat cheese salad
Flank steak


Chicken pasta made by Georges' chef, Jennifer.

My thoughts

Nate Marquardt responds to @danawhite criticism and calls out @wandfc, says "I will KO Wanderlei" click the picture below

Headed to Alpha Fights tomorrow night

Doing appearance @alphafights with Brendan Schaub. Come check it out. Details at

God is good!

I just arrived home and my wife and two little girls greeted me inside the airport with a welcome home poster! I have to say, I'm heart broken over this loss but I have to put my trust in God. I really felt at the end of the fight that I had won. I thought I won rounds 2 & 3 and the first was close. I felt I did more damaging shots and had more takedowns. I knew the fight was close but I felt I won at least 2 rounds. His punches would tap me and score points, but nothing rocked me. I rocked Okami several tines though. I should have pushes forward a bit more throughout and especially round three. All I can say is I did my best yesterday and I will improve from here. I'm still top of the division and top of the world ranking. I'm going to rest now and take a step back, then I'll come back and figure out what I can do. I will be champion one day. This is just a small step back.

Dinner #2

Salmon salad with guacamole dressing. No salt no sodium.

My dinner

Penne pasta and mackerel

Life on the road

Duane Ludwig. He's here fighting on 122 also. Yesterday, his wife gave birth to a new baby boy named Duane Bang Ludwig! He's on the phone with her now.

This is my lunch

I have to eat low/ no sodium foods on the day before weigh-ins. This is the best weight cut meal I've ever had. Usually there is no flavor but Fred the Chef knew how to make it.
It's meatball salad.
Apple/ arugula drink

Press conference

We just finished the press conference. This guy is one of the reporters. Do you like his denim jean suit jacket?


I'm off to Germany!

I'm on the plane now. I had a great camp and I'm very confident! I can't wait to get out there and fight. Thank you all for your support! I'm not sure how much Internet access I'll have out there but I'll try to keep y'all updated. Let's do this!

I'm taking ambien and in another world now!

Costume contest winner!

@AaronMilner with the best/ worst costume! I saw the South Park episode and that's the only reason I know who "Snooki" is. Below are my favorites.

MMA Live Video

With me, @Kenny_Florian @Jon_Anik & Miguel Torrez. Click the picture

GM event video!

Check it out! This is from the unveiling of my Chevelle and Skrape's Belair.
Thanks to GMPP and all other sponsors of my car (I will put the list up as soon as I get it).

Chevelle video

Dr Jamie Meyer talks about Skrape's and my new engines.

Check out this video with my chevelle

Interview with Fighters Only- the chevelle is shown at the end of the video

I don’t care if my opponent is on steroids

When it comes to the truth behind UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen's alleged steroid use, Nate Marquardt deserves to know more than... Click picture for the Las Vegas Sun article.