Costume contest!

Best costume wins a @GeorgesStPierre signed glove. You must be holding a piece of paper with "" on it so I know it's you and not a pic off the net. Tweet it to me by Monday night. I'll decide the winner next week and send it out after my fight.

Long day!

I was gone training and doing photo/ video shoots all day today. Here I am with Brendan Schaub on a break at one of the shoots.

UFC video interview

Thoughts on my upcoming fight with Okami. Click on the picture below...

Check out Schaub's new walkout T!

It's from and it's called "Warrior's Prayer." Click the picture to go to the site.

”Lord, grant me the discipline to better myself. Grant me the strength to endure the pain. Grant me the courage to vanquish my enemies. And if I should fall, grant me a glorious death so I may inspire those still serving. Amen“ Coach T has one too!

Sparring today

3 weeks to go until I fight Okami! Training has been great and I am in excellent shape. I can't wait to go to war with this guy!

The mail got sent out today!

Everyone should expect to receive it the end of next week. Maybe a little longer for international.

Audio interview on TH Beatdown

I'm on at the 57 minute mark- Click on the picture below

Mail is going out tomorrow

I've been so busy training I haven't gotten around to it until now. I'm about 3 and a half weeks out from my fight now. Let's do this!!

Check out my dog!

I drew this for my daughter. We had a great weekend. Our friends from Albuquerque came and stayed with us. Now we are just relaxing before bed.

Cool article about my training

If light training is what you want, then don’t accompany Denílson Pimenta on his trip to the United States. Again, the GFTeam black belt is helping out Renzo Gracie representative Amal Easton prepare beasts like Nate Marquardt, Shane Carwin, and Brendan Schaub in working on their ground games. The latter about to take on Gabriel Napão at UFC 121 on October 23..... Click the picture to continue article

Sparring pics with

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Big day

Today the UFC was here for the pre-fight video footage. This morning I sparred and this afternoon I did the video interview and then trained strength and conditioning with Loren. Then, I went up to Red Rocks and ran. Now I'm back home getting ready for bed!

Finished tough mitts with Trevor and Bryan

Now I'm eating this skewered fresh swordfish from my manager, Jeff. It's delicious! He shipped it from Florida.

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Sparring pics!


@skinofgod, @valhallalol, @evanmmafan24, @whitneyeveryday. Congratulations!

Down time at Grudge Training Center

Jackson's training animated gif

Romantic Nate saves women from pack of wolves

Nate Marquardt action figure now comes w/ NEW bonus accessories! Watch out Rousimar Palhares doll, LOL!!