Check out this video of my poker table I built

Also, here are the plans I drew up if you want to make it the same size (that way you don't have to use the ellipse formula to know where to put the screws for the focal points)  That took a lot of time for me to figure out the shape of the table as there are not any websites for building an elliptical poker table.  Also, has a lot of useful step by step info.

Sparring Day

Front row- LT Nelson, Josh Copeland, T Wittman, Cody Mumma, Shane Carwin, Jake Ramos, me and Brendan Schaub

Standing- Drew, Steele, Cody Donovan, Ian Berg, Canaan Griggs, Zach Machesney, Reece, Tyler Stinson and Neil Magny

Thai Box training today

Thanks to Lad & Lam from Tiger Muay Thai in Thailand for coming to help GSP train. Also got training with Miguel Torres from Chicago, Brandon Thatch from Denver, Francis Carmont from France and, of course, Coach Firas Zahabi of Tristar. Got some cool tricks to show my teammates back home in Denver!

Great sparring

@rory_macdonald @franciscarmont @GeorgesStPierre @MikeyRicci Thank u guys!