Look how ripped I am in this picture

I took this today. Wow, I am sooooo muscular!!!

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UFC Videos

Here's Chael's video: Chael Sonnen is on a quest Also, here's my video in case you missed it: Marquardt's most dangerous weapon is the one between his ears You can see me working strength with Loren Landow and Mitts with Trevor Wittman

UFC Video

Marquardt and Sonnen's high-tech training:

Feeling the baby kick

Today I hit mitts with @McSweeneyMMA and Trevor Wittman.  Then we ate and came home and I was able to feel the baby kicking.  I felt it for the first time the other day with Emmalie.  Now I'm resting to be ready for strength training with Loren Landow. 

Steak Dinner

Here I am at dinner with @McSweeneyMMA and Tess.  I had the filet and so far, it's stayed down.  My upset stomach feels a lot better.  Apparently, taking 800mg of ibuprofen on an empty stomach before sparring is a bad thing.  

@McSweeneyMMA is in town

This morning I sparred with James McSweeney and Alvin Robinson to get the best of both worlds.  James is a phenomenal kickboxer and Alvin is a quick southpaw with takedowns.  James is in town to give me the final push for my camp.  Tonight I planned on wrestling, but an upset stomach is keeping me home.  I don't feel guilty missing a practice knowing that I have trained hard and done all I can do to be prepared.  Now I need to just stay healthy!

Last days of preparation

Today I hit mitts with Trevor Wittman and then Loren Landow worked MAT (Muscle Activation Techniques) on me.  Tomorrow is a big day of sparring and wrestling so I have to be rested.  Also, James McSweeney is coming into town tonight to help me train.    

Sparring picture

Here I am with "Big Rick" this morning.  I had a tough day of sparring and tonight was wrestling up at UNC with Chaun, Eliot and Leister.  Man I'm tired.  Now I am watching tv with Tess and will be going to bed shortly. 

Got some much needed rest

Saturday I sparred and then got a massage.  Then we went to dinner at Blu for a benefit for Tessa's mom who recently broke her leg.  Then this morning we ate breakfast, listened to the message at church, and went shopping for Tessa's birthday present.  We did homework with Emmalie and now we are watching "Open Season" before bed.   

Tessa's Birthday Dinner

We just ate at Carmine's in Denver.  I recommend the chicken ravioli with cherries inside. 

New Interview

I just finished working mitts with T.  Now I'm relaxing and will be working strength with Loren Landow.  Yesterday was very tough sparring.  GSP gave me great rounds before he left back to Montreal.   Here's an interview I did for Sherdog.

Dinner with the guys

Here we are at dinner near Greeley after Wrestling practice.  I just got home and man, I am tired.  Tomorrow morning I'll be Hitting mitts with T and drilling with GSP.    

Sparring Picture

This is GSP and me at this morning.  We had Carwin, Schaub, Eliot, Chaun, Cody, Demico and Wren as well as several others.  Practice was very tough today and now we are headed to UNC to wrestle.  

Just finished strength training with Loren

This morning was mitts with T.  I had to take it a little easy because of a slight strain.  Now I am eating one of my favorite foods, Vietnamese Pho.  

I'll be at the UNC Wrestling duel today

I'll be signing autographs today while I enjoy watching UNC compete against North Dakota State at 3pm. I love watching Wrestling! Let's go guys. "Da Bears"

Dang I'm good looking!

Haha! These are pictures that Ron Kruck of Inside MMA sent me from Times Square. It reminds me of a time that I saw myself on a giant screen at Shibuya crossing in Tokyo Japan. It's weird to think that some people that walk by and see that will actually recognize my face. Our sport has come so far and become so poplular since I started. It's crazy! Anyway, I'm currently flying back to Denver from Montreal. I'll be at UNC later to sign autographs at the Wrestling duel.

Great Week

Here I am with @GeorgesStPierre, Tom "Kong", and @BrendanSchaub after practice at Tristar.  We had a light grappling day and then went to eat.  Now we are resting and later we will go to eat in downtown with all the guys.  Maybe we will catch a movie.  I wonder what's out?  

KO of the WEEK: Marquardt KO's Maia - Yahoo! Sports;_ylt=AmW8F_U07BCF84AZVM5o92M9Eo14#mma/17558344

Big Sparring Day

Here's @SugaRashadEvans, Tom Murphy, Dave L'ouiseau and me after practice today.  Afterwards, Tess and I ate with Brendan Schaub and his girlfriend, Andrea.  Then, I got a massage and now I'm getting ready to work out with Chaimberg.

My hand hurts!

After working with Coach Jackson this morning, I headed back to the hotel.  I just finished signing 1,000 trading cards!  So, now I'm just resting before Wrestling practice.  

10 a.m. Comes too early in Montreal

This morning we did our strength training with Jon.  I did not want to wake up but forced myself.  Now we are eating at the hotel looking forward to taking a nap! 

Headed to Wrestling Practice

Today we boxed 4 rounds at Howard Grant's gym.  Then we ate this amazing Chilean sea bass.  Now we are headed to YMHA for Freestyle practice.  Training is going great so far here!

Watched the UFC fights

Here are @brendanSchaub and Jon Chaimberg at Jsport.  We liked the Middleweight fight with Simpson and Lowler.  We thought Lowler won but it was close and a great fight either way!  Now it's bed time at the hotel.  Boxing and Wrestling is tomorrow.   

Headed to Montreal

Attention High Altitude Martial Arts Students!!!

The new website is up at Add our Twitter, Facebook and MySpace accounts directly from the site. We will keep you up to date on events and post pictures and videos frequently. Contact us at for questions or comments.

I fixed the link

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Cauliflower ear

It swelled up this week and when I pointed it out to Tess, she almost cried! Haha!

End of the week

Here I am with @FireMarshallUFC, Rick Sierras, and Chaun Simms. Now I am getting my blood test for Nevada. Afterward I will be having lunch with my lovely wife and daughter.

Free autographed MMA prize pack – limited time!

My supplement provider Six Star Muscle will be giving away a pretty cool MMA prize package including an autographed 2-pound tub of my favorite protein supplement, Six Star Muscle Whey Protein, and an autographed T-shirt from me. Enter for your chance to win one of 10 awesome Six Star MMA prize packages by going to and signing up for the newsletter.   No purchase necessary.  Open to US residents, 18 or older.  Sweepstakes ends Sunday February 7, 2010.  Click here for complete Official Rules.  Void where prohibited.  

At home with the family

Today was great.  I sparred 6 rounds this morning and wrestled this evening.  Now I'm back home with Tess and Emmalie.  We just put Emmalie to bed not too long ago.  Tomorrow Jon Chaimberg gets into town to help me out since Loren is out of town.  We also just booked our tickets to go to Montreal next week.  

Sharon Antcliff Foundation

Hey guys. In case you didn't vote already, the SAF nominated me for an award. Please vote at the link below. Thanks guys!!

Now I'm excited!

The Countdown show finished shooting yesterday and now I'm waiting for a copy of some of Chael's latest fights.  I've watched most of them but need a couple more.  Talking about the fight has got me pumped up and ready to fight.  I can't wait!

I need a tan

Ha! Here's a picture @BrendanSchaub took after training with Loren yesterday. That's Bryan from the Countdown show. Also, sorry I had to deactivate comments on my website. There were some offensive comments and someone posing as me cursing and such. Please add my facebook, Twitter, and/or myspace and I will read everyone's comments. Thanks!

Good Weekend

It's been nice resting and I feel ready for tomorrow.  The UFC Countdown show will be here in Denver filming me on Monday and Tuesday.  Here is a picture of my sister, Leah, at her hair salon.  I had to get cleaned up so I don't look like a caveman on t.v.  The fights were good last night.  I was upset that Duane lost, but he did well considering he was on 2 weeks notice and couldn't train for 2 months due to an injury.  Rashad did very well also, using a new style of striking that he worked on for only 2 months.  He is still evolving and i believe will be champion again.   

Taking the weekend off

I've been training very hard and am feeling like I am on the verge of overtraining. So, my coaches and I decided it's a good idea to rest until Monday since I have tough weeks ahead. I enjoyed the time off today and had MAT treatment from Loren Landow. My wife and I just watched "King of California." i think it's worth watching.