First picture of my Chevelle!!

Ok so here is a pic I was able to steal before the sheet was taken off my car. This thing is a beast!! It's a hand made custom LSX 376 small block engine with an LS9 supercharger on top! The boost is currently set to 8psi and can go up to 20psi. Dr Meyer said it gets 650hp and 650ftlbs torque and at 1800rpm it gets 600ftlbs torque. He said it's capable of over a thousand horsepower but he wants me to get used to it first. Don't worry if you don't understand, basically it's faster than I'll ever need and could tow a house! Everything on this car is beautiful and the iPhone camera doesn't do it justice. Just wait for some real pics and video... I want to thank Dr Meyer of General Motors (GMPP) for making my dream car possible! Also I will put a full build sheet up at some point.