New Website is Finished/ Samboujang Taal Fraud

The new is finally finished. It will still be updated daily with pictures and periodic videos and will in turn update my Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. Please leave a comment if you have trouble viewing any of the content.

Samboujang Taal-
I’m writing on an old post so that anyone that searches his name knows it’s a probable scam. Samboujang Taal is from Brikama Gambia. I’ve given him $10,000 over the course of the last 6 months and he and his friend, Saikou Marong, just tried to scam me to give $2000 for dialysis treatment for his failing kidneys. I caught them because they went to Senegal and I found that treatments cost around $110 USD and not $1800. Also, the hospital in Banjul Gambia does treatment for free.

Sam Taal birthday 9/4/1999 (September 4, 1999). Get his picture ID and you’ll see it’s the same birthday. 

Scam scammer orphans siblings hustle fake pretend Samboujang Taal Gambia   

Saikou Marong 10/26/97 October 26 1997