The new team!

Elevation Fight Team, a team consisting of high level mixed martial artists, has been formed in Denver, CO which is a hot bed for MMA. The founder of the team is UFC Welterweight Nate "The Great" Marquardt. Nate had the idea to start a team that was different than many a couple years ago and felt that it was finally time to make it happen.

"I have been around this sport for a long time. I have seen the best and worst this sport has to offer. I have always had a dream to not only train with the best guys I can, but to train in a positive atmosphere that puts the fighters first. I want to help develop that dream and turn it into a reality not only for my own career but for a lot of the younger fighters I train with on a daily basis. I want to be part of a team that puts the fighters first and Elevation Fight Team is going to do that.After brainstorming with my coach Leister Bowling, we decided to run with the idea. This team will be different than any team in MMA today." -Nate Marquardt

Leister Bowling will serve as the head coach and wrestling coach of Elevation Fight Team and will oversee the day to day training.

"This team is going to be a lot different than most due to the fact that there is no "home gym" affiliated with it. Fighters are free to represent and train with their home gyms while still being part of Elevation Fight Team. The team will do the majority of its' training at The MusclePharm Sports and Science Center (where Bowling currently runs his practices), and the Easton Training Center (ran by UFC Vet Eliot Marshall). What will make the team unique is that our team will be open to any fighter or coach from any gym. Elevation Fight Team will blend a group of fighters and coaches from many gyms/backgrounds and help them accomplish their goals of becoming the best fighters in the world. To be the best, you have to train with the best!" -Leister Bowling

Elevation Fight Team currently consists of notable names such as Nate Marquardt, Brendan Schaub, Cody Donovan, Neil Magny, Cat Zingano and Jarred Hamman all of whom are currently under contract with the UFC. Current coaches include Leister Bowling- Head/Wrestling Coach, Eliot Marshall-MMA/BJJ Coach, Loren Landow- Strength and Conditioning, and a variety of striking coaches. Fighters that come to Elevation Fight Team are welcome to bring their own coaches from their home gyms as well.

MMA is an individual sport but without a good team and support system behind the individuals competing it makes it very difficult to succeed. Elevation Fight Team is dedicated to provide a great training/team/family atmosphere that will attract high level fighters that are aspiring to become the best in the world. With a fighters first mentality and a team that is willing to give anyone a chance, it is clear that this team is going to be different.

ELEVATION-height, high ground, the action or fact of elevating or being elevated.
synonyms-rise-altitude-eminence (synonyms for eminence- honor-glory-greatness-prestige-reputation)

Anyone interested in joining or hearing more about Elevation Fight Team can contact Leister Bowling at