My Next Fight!

We just got back to Denver from Montreal and I heard my fight was announced. I was offered the fight weeks ago but couldn't say anything until it was announced. I will be fighting Chael Sonnen on February 6 in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay. Chael is a tough wrestler and is coming off a win against Yushin Okami. I thought I would get a title fight or a fight with Henderson, but neither fight was available, so I accepted the fight with Sonnen. Honestly I was upset at first. Why should I be fighting a guy that lost to Demian Maia three fights ago? After I thought about it a while, I changed my mind. Sonnen is a great wrestler with decent striking and I don't want to wait to fight. Now I am pumped to fight and training has been going great! GSP is in town along with Rashad and all the guys. Let's do this!